COMMENTARY: Don’t be Afraid of the Beast

lucius gantt
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The Gantt Report, By Lucius Gantt

     Many of the people that choose to disparage, demean or criticize The Gantt Report, or me, are quick to run to the enemies [of] African Americans, Africans and other people around the world with African ancestry and say, “Lucius calls white people devils and beasts”.

     That claim is not only untrue, it is ludicrous and ridiculous! Some of my dearest friends are white. I went to a predominately white high school. When I attended Georgia State University in most of my journalism and philosophy classes in the late 60s and early 70s I was the only Black student. When my Tallahassee home burst into flames on  a Christmas Day, white neighbors were among the first to comfort me and assist me. I’ve traveled around the world with whites, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

       To make a long story short. I love all good people regardless of their races, creeds or colors. I love my neighbors.

      What I don’t like are people that do devilish things. I hate two-legged beasts that resort to animalistic behavior to oppress and exploit their fellow men and women.

     So, when I talk about slimy degenerates, evil empires, colonialist and neocolonialists and so forth, I’m talking about individuals and not races or ethnic groups as a whole.

     Now, devils and beasts didn’t just pop up when Lucius Gantt was born. Wicked people, snakes, serpents and other bad people have been around since the beginning of time.

     If you don’t mind reading about devils, beast and satanic figures in the Bible that you love, you shouldn’t be upset about reading about the devilish beast in The Gantt Report!

     Everybody, Christians and many members of other faiths, have or have access to a Bible. I read my Bible, and I read other religious doctrines. For TGR readers that never pick up or read the “good book” let me just share one verse with you.

     “And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying Who is like unto the beast. Who will make war with him?”

     The verse comes from the Book of Revelation. I won’t tell you the chapter and the verse in hopes that you read the Bible to find it.

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     I will tell you the answer to the Biblical question. The answer is Lucius Gantt and the other Saints, Santeros, and soldiers in God’s armies.

     Recently, every Republican in Congress, except Sen. Mitt Romney, showed with their lies about being impartial, lies about a fair impeachment trial and about their Congressional oaths to defend democracy and the US Constitution.

     They lied because they were all afraid of the beast. They were afraid they would be victims of Tweet attacks, they were afraid the beast would endorse a primary election opponent and they were afraid their Russian campaign contributions would stop flowing into their political coffers.

     Any elected official in Congress or in any state, city or other elected office that has no honor, no valor and no concern whatsoever about what the people that elected him or her want should be immediately removed or voted out of office!

      Problem is, only Black voters can get rid of the political beasts.

      You see, white voters are divided. Some like the political “Christ” and some like the devilish, beastly anti-Christ.

      If Blacks and other people of color don’t vote to remove the political devils, satanic politicians will stay in office as long as they desire.

      But don’t blame yourself and your neighbors. Blame the political party that you love and support that doesn’t love you, that thinks you shouldn’t participate in political purchasing transaction, that thinks non-Blacks can motivate and inspire Black voters to go to the polls more than Black people can motivate and inspire each other and think that Black people are politically incompetent, unintelligent and unable to create and implement winning political strategies.

     Yeah, yeah I know when this column is printed and circulated our community’s political Uncle Toms, Jemimas, Sambos and Jezebels will tell you about Blacks that work, but make no spending and other decisions, for the Biden campaign or the Sanders campaign but what happened in Iowa and New Hampshire? The Negroes hired to influence voters couldn’t draw political flies to a political outhouse! Candidates that hired political puppets dipped in chocolate all lost elections to a young gay candidate that had little or no Black political support.

     If you want to get the political devil out of the White House you better tell the political party that you love to hire consultants that love Black voters, that can talk to Black voters and consultants that are willing to fight for Black voters, Black communities and Black people!

     White people don’t get mad when the beast in the White House hires white nationalists or when the Republican Party hires white supremacists.

     The strong, powerful and influencial male and female voices in Black communities will never be sought to generate increased Black voter participation in elections.

     Both major political parties prefer to work with Black politicos they can control. They don’t want a political “Roots”-like Kunta Kinte,  they want a political “Candy Land” Stephen, like the house nigger in “D’Jango!

     The 2020 elections in America will truly be more important than ever before. When Donald Trump gets emboldened, Klansmen think  they can also do what they want to, nationalists, neo-nazis, foreign dictators and despots will all feel that life as you thought it was is as dead as a fish in the water!

    That God I’m blessed to be able to do business all over the world. Everybody needs a writer sometimes.

    No matter where I go or stay, I will always be like a flea under the collar of the devilish beast. I’ll be an agitator, an irritant and  a fighter is not afraid to make war with the beast!

     Elections may be distasteful but they are important.