A Somber Word of Warning About the Need to Self-Isolate

Kevin Seraaj
Kevin Seraaj

A Canadian presently quarantined in Italy penned a provocative article about self-isolating in this time of world-wide crisis.  His words, reported by HuffPost Canada, are compelling.  His point of view is of course directly experiential.  He is seeing possibly the worst of the conavirus from inside the eye of the storm. He writes, not because of self concern, he says, but because “I am worried about the rest of the world.”

There are many here in the States who can use a less lackadaisical frame of mind when it comes to this pandemic.  The Canadian, Lucas Bozzo, writes:

“With COVID-19 encroaching on global communities, I implore you to act calmly and proactively. The public health recommendations of your government are not to be met with indifference. Avoid crowded public transportation and postpone, or convince someone else to postpone, social functions. Cancel upcoming plans for non-essential travel. Self-isolate if you have recently travelled, or if you suspect that you are ill or have had contact with someone that is ill.

“Persuade your workplace to transition to remote operations or introduce social distancing policies in your workplace. Refrain from anxiously bulk-buying food in grocery stores teeming with people and excellent conditions for transmission. Assist elders and vulnerable members of your community by offering to run errands on their behalf, if you can do so safely.

“If you are unconcerned about your own health, given the mild illness that often results from COVID-19, consider the fact that some down the chain of transmission will almost certainly die, and others will require emergency hospitalization to keep them alive. How would you feel knowing they suffered the excruciating sensation of suffocation as they cling to life on a ventilator?”

We all need to get serious about this disease, and do everything in our power to keep from becoming infected, or from spreading the infection to others.  Remember that there is no cure.  If you get it, you could die.