COMMENTARY: Bernie’s Busted Revolution

lucius gantt
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The Gantt Report, By Lucius Gantt

     Turn out the lights, the party is over for Bernie Sanders. The “revolution” has been canceled!

     Words hurt and words were one thing that caused Sanders to suffer landslide losses in statewide political primaries for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

      Bernie Sanders primary losses were akin to a political blood bath, but we know that.

      You see, political revolutions are fake like Fox News. You can’t bring about political justice and equality by yelling and pointing at rallies and debates. In the political process, having good ideas are not enough, you have to prevail. You have to be able to get a majority of elected officials to support your proposals with votes.

     In Bernie’s case, Republicans would never support his grandiose political changes.

     If you live with a “revolution” strategy, you die with a “revolution” strategy!

     Why? Because real revolutions are bloody. The Haitian revolution was bloody, the Chinese revolution was bloody, the French revolution was bloody, the Islamic (or Iranian) revolution was bloody, the Russian revolution was bloody and there was no revolution more bloody than the American revolution!  

     Bernie’s other problem was that most of the Bernie “Bros” were noting more than political HOs. He surrounded himself with people that thought like him and acted like him. The “any Negro will do” method selecting campaign staffers didn’t work well for Senator Sanders.

      Bernie chose to hire Black campaign workers that would parrot his messages and rubber stamp his over-the-top proposals. Sanders did not spend with Black media outlets, didn’t utilize Black political professionals, did not focus on issues of interest to Black voters and the Bernie Sanders campaign didn’t have a clue about how to motivate and influence the masses of Black voters.

     The Gantt Report told you for decades that no Democratic candidate can win a rat race, a sack race or a political race without strong Black voter support. 

     Black voters have a tendency to vote for people they know and like. If Blacks don’t know the candidates, they are often influenced by the endorsements and support of candidates by people they do know.

     South Carolinians know Rep. Jim Clyburn, they knew the state’s Black newspapers and radio personalities and they knew what was best for Blacks in South Carolina.

     Joe Biden is not markedly different than Bernie Sanders in Black voter outreach. He could lose the all important general election against Donald Trump if he doesn’t shore up his campaign team with America’s most experienced and most successful Black vote generators, Black vote influencers and Black vote warriors that will not hesitate to fight for votes in enemy territories such as in conservative districts and communities nationwide.

      Hopefully, Sanders and Biden can kiss and make up and work together to get Trump out of the White House and send him back to his Mar-a-Lago dog house!ReplyReply AllForwardEdit as new