Diagnosed With Diabetes? Exercise Can Help

Glucose meter with result sugar level, healthy food, dumbbells and centimeter, diabetes (Photo by: Ratmaner)

As reported by the Louisiana Weekly in September, 2019, millions of Americans are diabetic, and not all of them are aware.  Nutrition is always important in any attempt to regain good health.  What to eat, what not to eat, how much and in what combinations and proportions– all are considerations for people for whom diabetes is an issue.  Remember, chronic kidney disease can be a result of unchecked diabetes.

The importance of exercise, though, can not be diminished. Diabetes management is three-fold:  diet, exercise and mental health. In a comprehensive report released in October, 2019, entitled “Why Exercise Is Non-Negotiable For People With Diabetes,” Fitness Volt explained:

“[T] the good news is that exercise can lessen the impact of a bad diet’s effects on health, in a society where processed, fast-food options are the main source of nutrition for many. And a big reason is that it staves off chronic symptoms associated with certain ailments.”

Often overlooked by many with the disease, stress and obesity contribute significantly to a deepening of the impacts of diabetes, and attention to stress and weight management, the article notes, can positively impact the diabetic’s health.  The Fitness Volt report contains number explanations and suggestions for effectively managing diabetes.