Workforce Academy in 2020 Moving Forward with Excitement and Teamwork

Workforce Academy

After 15 years, Workforce Advantage Academy has been changing lives with a unique learning concept that primarily accepts 11th and 12th grade students. The students earn a wage, while learning their school work, with the goal to graduate. There are over 260 students attending the school, on the new beautiful campus located at 2210 S. Rio Grande Avenue, Orlando, Florida, 32805.

Workforce Advantage Academy is an Orange County Public Charter High School Career Academy, and is dedicated to motivating and challenging high school students to achieve academic excellence, as well as employment success. The Academy is publicly funded by the State of Florida, and can be a better option for certain students who struggle in the traditional public school system. One of the biggest selling points of the Academy is its smaller class size, and the teachers and administrators operate as a family.

With over 260 students, the leadership team will be reaching out to the guidance counselors in the local High schools to share more information about our innovative approach to education. By reaching out to the parents, guidance counselors, and community leaders, we will build and explain a thorough understanding of the benefits of our program.

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In an effort to increase “Phoenix Pride,” performance, and excellence, the teachers and leadership team are proud to introduce the “Workforce Advantage Academy Rewards Student Incentive Program.” Reward Points/Cards can be earned in many different ways; including grades, test scores, attendance improvement, school participation, and general acts of kindness. There are many ways to earn reward points, and 10 Reward Points = $1 of Actual Money. For more information go to:

Also in the planning stage is the annual Workforce Advantage Academy fashion Show, the Phoenix Pride Showcase Night, the Trip to New York City, and Graduation. Any students, community organization, or parents, who are interested in volunteering for school projects, contact the Leadership Team.

Let’s work together and make 2020 one of the best school years and the most exciting at Workforce Advantage Academy