CoronaVirus Tip from the CDC: When to Use a Mask

Masks are popping up everywhere these days.  If you didn’t manage to purchase any before the demand sucked up all the supply, don’t worry.  According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), wearing a mask isn’t as mandatory or as prescribed as you might think.
In fact, the CDC says that if you’re healthy you should only wear a mask if you’re caring for someone who’s sick.  That advice might seem to fly in the face of the warnings we’ve all heard of the disease being airborne, but the CDC says handwashing and keeping surfaces in your home disinfected are better– and much more necessary– steps we need to take.  Besides, unless your mask is reusable, or you have an unlimited supply, using your mask before you really need to use it could be a very big mistake.
Here is a message banner from the CDC website with the mask wearing information for your consumption.
When to use a mask
Covid-19 consumer tip about when you should use a mask