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COMMENTARY: It Has Never Been Like This in America Before

By Roger Caldwell

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As President Trump and Vice President Pence tell lie after lie, it is time for the truth. When there are catastrophic problems in every industry, and the country is being held together with stimulus money, it will eventually crash. President Trump has been a failure and criminal in business, and as President of the United States, he has been incompetent, a criminal, been impeached, and has contributed to thousands of Americans dying with the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a con man, the president has continued to lie every time he opens his mouth, and what he says today will be changed tomorrow or an hour later. When the CDC established guidelines for all the citizens to wear a face mask to control the spread of the coronavirus – he and his team refused to wear one.

It is time to hold President Trump to a higher level of accountability, and put pressure on him to resign or quit his office. As 2.5 million Americans are infected with coronavirus, and over 126,000 have died, our president has given up. On a daily basis there have been over 45,000 people being infected with coronavirus, and it has never been like this in America before.

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The economy is in a depression, and the unemployment rate is the worst since the Great Depression. Democrats in Congress are fighting to extend the federal $600 weekly unemployment supplemental benefit in the Cares Act, which ends on July 31, 2020. In many states eviction notices were relaxed, and now the courts will be forced in the upcoming months to evict people who cannot pay their rent or mortgage.

Not only will Americans not be able to pay their rent, but they will not be able to pay their car note, their insurance, and buy food. The millionaire Republicans thinks that many citizens in America are looking for a hand out, and they are angry. Again, it has never been like this in America before, and 1 in every 7 Americans in the labor force can’t find work, according to “Move On.”  

“For many of us these days, it feels as if the United States has never been less united. The nation, it seems, has become irrevocably fractured along political and ideological lines – Republican/Democratic, liberal/conservative, red/blue, etc,” says Joe Pierre M.D. – Psychology Today.

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With over hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets, all over the country for 25 to 30 days, the question must be raised, “Why has America been so divided.”

Everyone is taking a side, and everyone is angry, and many believe it is time for another civil war. The current political unrest is dangerous, and racism has raised its ugly head. With the killing of George Floyd, something clicked in the American Psyche, and collectively everyone spoke in their soul, and said it was time for a change.

Again, it has never been like this in America before, because this was a diverse uprising, all colors/races, all ages, all genders, all different political affiliations and sexual orientations. Finally, racism was on the front burner, with police terror, and no one was backing down.  

The protesters say they want equal justice under the law, racial equality, a fairer distribution of wealth, and better relations between the community and police. There have been marches and demonstrations for fifty years, and maybe something is different this time. It is time for a radical change in America, and the people have the power with their vote. There are more leaders in America who are Black and diverse, who believe in change. It is time to make America, a democracy for all the citizens, and the rule of law must prevail.

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