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COVID-19 Fraud and Chargeback Prevention Webinar – July 7th

Chargeback Gurus, a leading chargeback and dispute management firm, is partnering with digital trust and safety provider Sift to launch a new webinar on dealing with fraud, disputes, and chargebacks resulting from the unprecedented health and economic crisis precipitated by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The webinar will take place at 12 PM CST on July 7, 2020, and will discuss recent trends in the fraud and dispute landscape, along with strategies merchants can utilize to protect themselves.

MCKINNEY, Texas/PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “Whenever a major event shakes up the payments space, there’s a wave of fraud and chargebacks that follows it,” said Suresh Dakshina, President of Chargeback Gurus, who will be co-hosting the webinar along with Sift Trust & Safety Architect Jeff Sakasegawa. “March may feel like a long time ago, but merchants are still adjusting to the implications of COVID-19, and many of them are looking for help dealing with the new fraud and dispute scenarios they’re encountering.”

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The webinar is designed to give merchants a better understanding of how the changes wrought by COVID-19 can create opportunities for fraud, and what they can do to protect their customers and revenue. Among the topics the webinar will cover:

Best practices on fraud prevention and chargeback management:
Insights from industry experts on new fraud and chargeback trends driven by the impact of COVID-19
How “COVID vultures” are exploiting this crisis for their own illicit gain
Updates on the dispute monitoring programs run by Visa, Mastercard, and other card networks

There will also be a live Q&A. Merchants interested in learning more about how to prevent COVID-19 chargebacks and fraud can register for the webinar for free at https://www.chargebackgurus.com/en-us/covid19-fraud-chargeback-prevention-webinar.

About the Webinar Hosts

Both companies have years of experience working with merchants ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, giving them a wide range of expertise and insight into dealing with emergent problems related to fraud, chargebacks, and related perils of the ecommerce landscape.


As pioneers in the field of digital trust and safety, Sift has been protecting businesses and their customers from bad actors since 2011, providing frictionless fraud prevention solutions that use machine learning to deliver protection that’s fast, accurate, and scalable. You can find them on the web at sift.com.

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Chargeback Gurus is a global leader in chargeback management, providing strategies and solutions that directly address the vulnerabilities that lead to customer dissatisfaction and chargebacks. Their analytics and proprietary technologies not only help merchants reduce their chargeback rate and win disputes, but increase customer retention as well. To learn more, visit chargebackgurus.com.

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