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A Call to Stop Whining About BLM Methods

She continues:

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In a stinging letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times, directed to a column written by a newspaper staffer, Carolyn Knight-Serrano, a self-described white ally of Black lives criticized liberal apologies for the tactics employed by Black Lives Matter is confronting the issues of racism and police brutality. Most, she writes, fail to take into consideration that “Black activists and their allies have been trying peaceful protests for decades now and have been largely ignored by the establishment, including and damningly by Democrats.”

“As a white ally of Black lives, I think it’s insulting to the larger movement against police brutality (especially as it affects marginalized people) to insinuate that the righteous anger being expressed on the streets of Portland, Chicago, Seattle and elsewhere ‘play into Trump’s hands’ or ‘detracts from the larger movement.'”

The refrain is by no means common. All too many prefer to blame the battered wife for pouring hot grits on her abusive husband instead of fixing the troubled system that ignored her cries for help until she finally decided to help herself.

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Knight-Serrano sees the problem clearly: “To claim to support Black Lives Matter but insult its methods is nothing short of white, liberal, privileged whining,” she wrote. “If you don’t want to see violence, put pressure on your representatives and government leaders to actually do something to support Black lives beyond writing op-ed articles and painting words on the street.” 

“These don’t stop their killings.”

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