Patriotism and the Right to Vote in Person or by Mail

This s a photo of Kevin Seraaj, journalist and publisher of the Orlando Advocate
Kevin Seraaj, publisher, Orlando Advocate

So, when does a patriot forget he’s a patriot? We’ll see on Election Day.

Trump has been ranting and railing about mail-in voting and how the election process is going to be destroyed if registered voters are sent ballots in the mail without specifically requesting them. It doesn’t matter that he has absolutely no basis for making such a statement. He just makes things up and his followers go along.

Let’s pretend for a moment we all have some familiarity with a little concept known as “logic.” If I have taken the time to register to vote, that should pretty much tell the world: “Hey, I intend to vote.” Stretch that idea just the tiniest little bit and my registering to vote should be my request for a ballot.

Trump’s fear is that the number of people who have grown weary of his lack of leadership in both the domestic and international arenas will mean his defeat at the polls. In the inimitable words of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men: “[He] can’t handle the truth.”

Biden’s lead in nearly every poll is widening– and that spells disaster for Trump at the ballot box. Especially if voter suppression tactics like the closing of neighborhood polling places, challenging people who attempt to vote, intimidating voters who show up don’t work because people are staying in the comfort of their homes and mailing in their votes prior to Election Day.

Trump is the only president in U.S. history to publicly say that the election should be pushed back, and then suggests that he may not peacefully transition out of office if he loses. Vice President Pence echoed this sentiment by refusing to directly address it– as recently as during the Vice Presidential debates.

So now U.S. Attorney General William Barr, described as one of President Donald Trump’s most aggressive loyalists in Washington, D.C., has joined the president in claiming that mail-in voting encourages voter fraud. Barr claimed last month, during an interview with the Chicago Tribune, that voting by mail would encourage the “business of selling and buying votes.” It sounded ridiculous when Trump first said it. Now it has begun to sound pathetic.

If this also sounds to you like Trump and Company are preparing to use the Attorney General’s office to steal the election, you’re not alone. In an article published by Law & Crime on October 7 by Reporter Jerry Lambe, a group of legal experts talked about what Barr has said, and how he would set a dangerous precedent should he openly interfere in an election.

Think the nation is in turmoil today?

The people have a right to vote– one time per person per election– and whether they mail in their votes or stand in line to deliver them is for the voters to decide. Not Trump. Not Barr. The hallmark of a democracy is the right of the people to cast a vote for the candidate of their choice. Take than away and the nation will plunge into chaos.

Fascism will not be tolerated by people who wholeheartedly believe in constitutional freedoms.

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