Child Sex Trafficking and Gang Investigation Nets 8 Arrests in South Georgia

stopping child abuse and trafficking in people must become a priority of every American
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After a year-long joint investigation, the GBI has arrested 8 people in south Georgia on charges of child sex trafficking and violation of the gang statute.

According to the website, the Albany Police Department received a report back on August 2, 2019, about the rape and commercial sexual exploitation of a 16-year-old juvenile female. The juvenile said she had been trafficked for almost two months, from June 2019 through August 2019 in Albany, Georgia, and that her captivity needed when she managed to slip away from her traffickers. 

investigators determined that images of the juvenile victim were posted numerous times on the web where she was advertised for sex in exchange for money.  The people advertising her were members of the Inglewood Family Gang Bloods (IFG). They called these sexual liaisons “plays.” The proceeds were being used to finance the gang’s illegal activities.

Both the Bloods and IFGB are national criminal street gangs and can be found in various states around the United States. Child sex trafficking is a source on the nation and needs to be permanently eradicated.

“The damages of Human Trafficking are difficult to repair and these young victims need plenty of assistance in getting their lives back while regaining their self-esteem,” said Albany Police Chief Michael Persley.  “I will continue to pledge my support in fighting Human Trafficking while using all resources available to bring to justice those who prey on other human beings for the sole purpose of financial gain. I am thankful for Director Reynolds and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for their efforts in combatting this detestable and devaluing crime.”