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‘Don’t hold back!!!’ – Trump incites police as MAGA rally turns violent

by Kevin Seraaj, OrlandoAdvocate.com

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Thousands of Trump supporters descended on Washington DC Saturday to protest election results, with fights breaking out between them and Biden supporters. At least 20 arrests were made.

The soon-to-be-Former President posted a string of tweets later Saturday evening claiming that “radical Left ANTIFA SCUM” were responsible for the violence and urging the police to “do your job and don’t hold back!!!”

It appears that gone are the days when Trump believed there were “good people on both sides.”

Twitter is awash with videos purportedly showing peaceful Trump supporters being accosted by “Antifa and BLM,” but other posted videos show the opposite. The problem is that Trump has a history of subtly inciting violence in the nation since he took office. His rallies have always been incubation grounds for violence, and it seems that now his supporters continue to be guided by the Trump hate speech that encourages physical harm against “the left”– even when seemingly directed to groups like the police. 

Trump’s refusal to concede defeat– even as he threatens to run again in 2024— continues to fuel his supporters’ anger over his loss and makes for dangerous times in the nation. The huge crowd could be heard shouting “stop the steal” and “count every vote” in the continued parroting of Trump’s baseless and completely unsubstantiated claims that the election was rigged. The forty percent of Trump supporters who refuse to accept the end of the election don’t care that the rest of the nation is moving on.

Without Trump.

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At this point in the process, where a broad coalition of top government and industry officials– including sixteen federal prosecutors asked to investigate irregularities— have declared that there is no evidence of widespread voting fraud, one has to speculate that the soon-to-be-former President may be actually fomenting civil unrest intentionally in an effort to justify the imposition of martial law.

Staying in office is critical to Donald Trump at this time. A pending investigation in New York, as well as a number of other investigations and lawsuits, are what awaits Trump when he leaves office. It would not be beyond the pale of believability for Trump to pardon all of the people who could be forced to testify against him, or to even fashion a way for him to attempt to pardon himself.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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