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Almost 9 Million Blacks Ready To Take the COVID Vaccine

CHICAGO /PRNewswire/ — A new study conducted by BlackDoctor.org (BDO), the leading health and wellness site for Black Americans with over 20 million monthly reach, shows that approximately 8.7 million Blacks are now more receptive to taking the COVID vaccine, and the hardline stance of vaccine hesitancy is decreasing substantially. 

BDO has conducted numerous surveys beginning in April 2020 to chart the willingness of Blacks to take the vaccine over tme. Throughoutf this year and on average, approximately 60% of Black Americans reported they were not interested in taking the vaccine– and for a variety of reasons.  In one survey, the percentage of vaccine hesitancy for Black adults was as high as 91%.  

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But hold on. Things are a-changing.

Now, BDO says that the most recent survey findings indicate the number of Blacks stating they will not take the vaccine has dropped to 42%– a substantial decrease from 60%.  Thirty percent (30%) now say they want more information.

There are now three prevailing mindsets among Black Americans:

  • 28% want to take the vaccine (8.7 million adults) 
  • 30% want more information (9.3 million adults) 
  • 42% say they will not take the vaccine (13 million adults, but down from 18.6 million)

Of particular note is the 5.6 million that have apparently changed their minds about being vaccinated have done so for two principal reasons: one, the top Black doctors are advising that the vaccination is safe and two, they have learned more about the vaccine from trusted websites like BDO. Reggie Ware, CEO of BDO credits the Black Coalition Against COVID-19 with helping the Black community overcome vaccine hesitancy and achieve this historic level of success.  

Dr. Reed Tuckson is the co-founder of the coalition, which consists of the four Black medical schools: The National Black Nurses Association, the National Medical Association, the National Urban League, the Cobb Institute of the NMA, and BlackDoctor.org. 


“It is now time to be very deliberate to ensure the 8 million Blacks who want the vaccine actually receive the vaccination,” states Dr. Reed Tuckson.  “Additionally, the 9.3 million people who want more information should absolutely receive it, and the coalition is poised to inform and answer questions through the BDO platform with a variety of Facebook Live broadcasts and other outreach activities.” 

The next event is scheduled for January 7, 2021 on the BlackDoctor.org Facebook page.


More about BlackDoctor.org
For over 15 years, BlackDoctor.org has dedicated itself to providing culturally accurate and relevant information to its audience of over 20 million. BDO is the largest and most trusted source of health and wellness content for Black consumers and posts daily to provide the most current and up-to-date information. BDO does not tell people to take the vaccine. Instead, the site has focused on providing facts for informed decision-making and information on how those who want the vaccine can get it. Based on this latest survey, this approach is having an effect on how Blacks view the vaccine.

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