COMMENTARY: The Gantt Report is Fair

lucius gantt
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By Lucius Gantt

     For at least the last 30 or 40 years, I have written opinion columns about how political parties in the United States have used, abused, intimidated and suppressed Black voters and has refused to allow them to fully participate in political purchasing transactions.

     However, miracles do happen!

     In the January fifth runoff election in Georgia for two U.S. Senate seats so much money has been flowing through the Peach State that Black men and women have finally made a couple of dollars.

     I think it is only fair that TGR readers be made aware that Blacks from all over the country have been deported to Georgia to work for both major political parties.

    Most have been compensated in the “political minimum wage” amount of 20 or 30 dollars an hour to knock on doors, canvass neighborhoods, wave signs and so forth with imported carpetbaggers getting a few less dollars than the Black Georgians that knew somebody or were  lucky enough to get a political paycheck.

     The states’ few Black political professionals were not even allowed to smell a campaign check.

     Why? Because the people that lead and control the parties didn’t have a clue who the most experienced and talented Black political operatives were, and, the major political parties, the PACs and the individuals spending significant dollars were happy continue the “any negro will do” strategy and throw a little “hush negro” pennies toward the Black community.

     Well, I was happy to hear some Blacks that I knew made some pocket change. One or two political sources that contacted me suggested that Black companies that could produce campaign media, provide political consultation, respond quickly when necessary and travel statewide to fight political opponents in “enemy territories” or make substantial statewide media buys would never be considered because whites in the political loop did not trust that Black men and women could make $100 million media buys (and get multi-million dollar commissions or participate in large political purchasing activities).

    Anyway, let’s be thankful. The Holy Bible says even a dog is sometimes allowed to get crumbs from the table that fall on the floor.

     I want to end this week’s column by letting TGR readers know I am fine.

Best VPN

     I was in a hospital Intensive Care Unit (not a Covid 19 ICU) on Christmas day. In fact, I was in the ICU for four straight days where I had surgical work done on my aorta.

     I was in a Florida ICU twenty years ago and it seems that I get more love and attention when people think I might die than I get when I’m fighting the fight for my people and writing what people want to read.

 I’m good. I’m still in recovery but I can still walk, talk and fight for equal rights, equal access to capital and justice.

      I want Black men to know as you mature, you must visit the doctor early and often. I see my primary care physician one a month because one of my medications is an opiod.

     If you’re paying for health insurance, you better use it. Stop waiting until the last minute to say, “I have chest pains” or “my extremities are swollen” or “It’s hard for me to urinate or produce semen”!

     When I feel bad I consult my doctor or visit the emergency room immediately! I am not a bionic Lucius but I am watchful about my health care. You know I choose life.

     I hope everybody had a safe and enjoyable holiday season. No one could visit me in the hospital ICU but I felt the many prayers that were made on my behalf.  

     Things that don’t kill us make us stronger.