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Proud Boy Leader Posts He Was Invited to White House. White House Says Not True.

by Frank Butler, OrlandoAdvocateco

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Enrique Tarrio, leader of the FBE-designated hate group Proud Boys, posted (via Parler) a photo of himself standing outside the north side of the White House Saturday, saying in his post that he had been personally invited.

Will Sommer spotted the post and tweeted it:

The post was captioned: “Last minute invite to an undisclosed location…”

Tarrio subsequently posted a second photo of himself on the south side balcony of the White House, but nothing in either photo proved his claim— that he had been personally invited there. In fact, the White House denied the invitationinviting him, and insisted that he was there as a part of a previously scheduled public tour.

“He was on a public WH Christmas tour,” Judd Deere, a White House spokesman, told The Daily Beast. “He did not have a meeting with the President nor did the WH invite him.”

The Proud Boys became a sticking point for the White House after the President was challenged to denounce the group during the first Presidential Debate. Trump instead told them to “Stand back and stand by.”

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