CALDWELL: Biden and Harris’ Team Must Be Supported by All Americans


By Roger Caldwell

The inauguration will be completed [by the time] this article is published, and I pray there are no violent actions or instances. With a new administration brings change, a new strategy, and a fresh ideology. The very health of our nation is at stake, and Americans are dying every minute as a result of Covid-19.

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There are monumental problems everywhere you look in America, and the major dissentions between the two parties are forcing the country to question our Democracy. With the insurrection at the Capitol, many Americans are questioning, if we can protect ourselves.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been talking with the media of her fear during the insurrection, and after 8 days she does not feel safe, or protected. “We were very lucky that things happened within certain minutes that allowed members to escape the House floor unharmed. But many of us narrowly escaped death,” says the Congresswoman.

Last Tuesday indicated too many Americans, that there is a pervasive amount of sickness in the country. We have lost dignity and respect for each other. This crisis is not going to disappear overnight, and the division is a reality that we will be forced to live with.

President Biden and the Harris team are preparing to take office in the time of a horrific crisis, and the administration has big ambitions to fix the problems. In order for President Biden to be successful, there must be Republican members who agree to work across the aisle with the Democrats.

For over forty years Biden has always been a bipartisan Senator, whose approach has clear advantages of working across the aisle. The first advantage the president has is the power of truth. For four years, President Trump has spent every day lying and cheating for his personal satisfaction, and now that will end. President Biden will base his administration on integrity, honesty, and transparency. 

Now America will be told a consistent story based on facts, which will not change every two hours.  The three immediate issues his administration will focus and tackle is 1, trying to defeat the virus, 2, restarting the economy, and 3, getting the schools reopened safely.

“President Joseph R. Biden on last Thursday proposed a $1.9 trillion package to address the economic downturn and coronavirus, outlining the type of sweeping aid that Democrats have demanded for months and signaling a shift in the federal government’s pandemic response as Mr. Biden prepares to take office. The package includes more than $400 billion to respond to the pandemic directly, including money to accelerate vaccine deployment and safely reopen schools within 100 days,” says the World News.

Finally, there will be a coordinated master plan from the federal government, which never happened with the Trump administration. There is now leadership on the federal level, and factual questions are being answered with scientific information, and scholars.

During President Biden speech, the initiative would be called “the American Rescue Plan,” and $20 billion would be allocated to a national vaccine program, with the idea that the virus and the economic recovery are intertwined. The president has promised 100 million Covid-19 vaccine shots administrated his first 100 days in office.

As America settles into the first 100 days of the President Biden and Harris team, the country must understand and remember we are one. There are racial disparities, there are rich, there are poor, there are White, Black, Hispanic, and there are Asians. But in the final analysis we are Americans and that must be front and center.

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It is time to practice participatory American politics, and be engaged, and give Biden and Harris a chance, with support. There is nothing that Americans can’t do, when we do it as one.” Let the blessings come down.”