COMMENTARY: Fearing the Political Babayka

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Lucius is a contributing columnist to NNPA newspapers around the nation, and the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing,” available on and from bookstores everywhere.

By Lucius Gantt, The Gantt Report

When I was a little boy, my parents used to tell me “Jesus loves the little children” and if I was good, the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and others would bring me gifts, toys and good things to eat like cookies and candy.

     If I was bad, devilish demons and beastly monsters would come into my bedroom and kidnap me to take me away!

     Today, I have no fear of the devils or the beasts. I believe my God is on my side and God protects his messengers and soldiers.

      However, too many of the people that you voted for in recent elections and most of the people you voted against are afraid of the political babayka!

      Federal, state and local elected officials praise the babayka, honor the babayka and totally believe what the political babayka tells them to believe!

      Politicians can’t pass bills, won’t debate legislative proposals and refuse to govern while parroting and rubber stamping the wicked and deceitful lies of the political babayka.

     Donald Trump is the babayka, the Russian Bogeyman!

     No matter how educated they are, no matter how experienced they are and no matter what the residents and voters in the United States say about how they want elected officials to conduct themselves, far too many Republicans and Dixiecrats, Democrats that believe in, admire and bow down to the political babayka, are on a mission to destroy what you call Democracy.

      We know the majority of “Republicans” are basically foxes in sheep’s clothing but why would any member of the Democratic Party resort to being “Dinos”, Democrats in name only?

     They vote to derail Democratic Congressional proposals because, like a child, they are afraid of the political babayka.

      Politicians know that at least a third of Americans are ultraconservatives, closet klansmen, white nationalists and white racists and they wrongfully believe if they don’t make political and governmental criminals accountable they will be reelected every year and every year after  that!

     If you love your country, defend the United States Constitution and prefer a political democracy, you have to fight for what’s right.

     What is good for the Republican goose is also good for the Democratic gander!

     The political babayka’s minority Leader, Mitch McConnel, is not going to be sensitive to the people’s desires, compassionate about the people’s needs and he’s damn sure not going to be a political partner with Democrats that should be pursuing the political changes that voters voted for.

      Democrats can put a stop to Senate filibusters if they wanted to but why won’t they?

     Well, it’s a sad day in government when political pimps can’t control their political Hos. It’s a worst day when politicians can’t expel members of Congress that support domestic terrorism, that spread lies about election results and despicable fake pubic servants that only care about what the political babayka wants them to care about.

     Babayka is the Russian word for bogeyman. It’s only fitting that Americans that are influenced by Russian propaganda, Russian misconduct and Russian aggression would use their positions in government to discredit and disavow progressive proposals desired by the majority of Americans.

     Donald Trump has to continue to ruin the America you always thought you knew. Trump wants to copy Russian tactics, he wants to favor Russian oppression and exploitation and the political babayka loves being the most promising asset of the Soviet Union.

     It is easy for Donald Trump to guide the ignorant and lead the misinformed but righteous Americans must fight to put, and keep, the political beasts like Donald Trump and his followers down in their political holes! Be smart Democrats and use your new political power to get things done to benefit the people. 

    Political devils and babaykas don’t go together.