COMMENTARY: Trump Should be First

lucius gantt
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The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

     Donald Trump should be the first President of the United States to be impeached twice!

      He should be impeached immediately, even before the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden.

      I’m aware that Trump’s puppets in the U.S. Senate refused to convict Trump earlier for Trump’s commissions of high crimes and misdemeanors but what Trump did to encourage domestic terrorists to attack your government buildings and your Congress was way too much and way too wrong!

     I know some people that read The Gantt Report don’t agree with many columns that I write but I was right when I told you long ago that more than a few members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives were supporters of domestic terrorism, white nationalism, white racism and white supremacy!

     The White House is YOUR HOUSE and the capitol complex buildings are your buildings.

     The President is supposed to uphold the Constitution and protect Americans from foreign and domestic enemies.  

     I don’t recall anybody that attended The March on Washington in 1968 attacking the capitol, I didn’t see attendees at The Million Man March breaking Congressional windows and occupying the House of Representatives, and I didn’t see anybody acting up at Al Sharpton’s and MLK Junior’s recent March in Washington.

     Donald Trump called peaceful protestors radicals, socialists, thugs and other discriminatory names. He tear gassed peaceful protestors and send Army helicopters flying over women, children and babies that were opposed to law enforcement misconduct and murders.

     My friends, protect your families, your friends and your communities. When the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Brothers, Three-Percenters and closet Ku Klux Klansmen leave Washington, D.C., they will come back to where you are.

     It’s no secret, many of Trump’s supporters would love to incite a race war!

     What they should realize is that a race war is bloody and innocent people would be killed, anywhere at any time.

     Enough is enough and enough of Donald Trump is too much!

     If the people you voted for, the people that you elected and the politicians that you voted for in a terrible pandemic can’t or refuse to stand up and impeach Trump again so he cannot run for any federal office in America, what will Russians say, what will North Koreans say and what will the world’s dictators and despots say about American criticisms of their elections.

     I know. They will tell the new Democratic controlled Congress to STFU!

     The Republican members of Congress cannot stop the conviction of Donald Trump for high crimes, misdemeanors and for refusing to honor and uphold the oath he took on his inauguration day now.

     Impeach Trump again and convict him this time.

     I wasn’t going to comment on politics this week because I didn’t want my message to get lost in all of the hype about the new Democratic Congress.

     Don’t start partying, setting bonfires of campaign literature and singing Kumbaya until you read a future TGR about how things truly unfolded in the Georgia Senate runoffs.

    However, I do want to congratulate Georgia’s two new Senators.

    Will they do the right thing? Will they call for and vote for the immediate impeachment of Donald Trump?

     Time will tell, but you know what I think. I think many politicians love the lying, cheating, devilish Trump much more than they love you!