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Democratic Reps pushing for Trump Ouster– Impeachment or Unfitness

Lawmakers attempting to hide from rioters who broke into the Capitol Building yesterday. Some of the insurrectionists were armed. The FBI seized at least two packages left by rioters that were believed to be explosives.

Orlando, Fla. — More than a dozen members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, including Florida congressman Ted Deutch, will announce articles of impeachment for President Trump.

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A letter was sent to Vice President Mike Pence signed by 19 House committee members.

“The world watched aghast as as insurrectionists, who had been egged on by the President, threated the safety of elected officials and staff and destroyed public property as they stormed and occupied both the House and Senate chambers bringing our democracy to a halt,” the letter reads.

In addition, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have begun floating the idea of asking VP Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment– a procedure by which 2/3 of the Cabinet determines the president to be unfit to lead. Trump’s Cabinet, however, is jumping ship, as letters of resignation have begun pouring in. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao was the first to resign, followed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Other resignations will likely follow.

With only 12 days left before Joe Biden is sworn in, the likelihood of an impeachment proceeding– if started– going through to completion is probably nil. But until Trump is actually out of office, his seemingly unstable frame of mind leaves the entire nation vulnerable. He is still Commander-in-chief of the Armed Services and the man with the ability to launch nuclear weapons. Sobering thoughts.

Meanwhile, we have learned that the terrorists who took over the Capitol building left weapons behind, including two pipe bombs described as “ready to go.” Over 50 police officers were wounded during the terrorist attack, and one– 42-year-old Brian Sicknick– was killed.

We applaud his effort to defend the capitol from the insurrectionists, and we extend sincere condolences to his family in this dark time.

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