Government to Stop Sending Stimulus Checks on Friday

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The federal government will stop issuing the second round of coronavirus stimulus checks this week — but there’s recourse for those who haven’t gotten paid yet.

The government began sending out paper checks and prepaid debit cards and issuing direct deposits earlier this month, but legislation passed late last year mandated that the IRS and the Treasury Department make all of the payments by Friday, WTTG-TV (Channel 5) reported.

To meet the requirements of the legislation, the IRS said on its website that it was working diligently to get payments out to as many eligible households as possible even as they prepare for the 2021 filing season.

But those who are eligible but don’t receive a payment by the cutoff date aren’t out of luck — they can claim the payment as a rebate when filing taxes for 2020, the IRS said.

This is the second round of direct payments since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The first direct payment occurred in the spring in the amount of $1,200.

After months of political rancor and negotiations on Capitol Hill over the amount, the government began sending a second batch of checks, with $600 going to individuals who earn up to $75,000 and $1,200 to married couples making $150,000 or less, with an additional $600 for each eligible child.

The payments lessen by $5 for each $100 a person’s income exceeds those amounts. For instance, someone making $75,800 would receive a $560 check.

Individuals making more than $87,000 and married couples earning more than $174,000 are ineligible.

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  1. I want to no where is my stimulus check my first stimulus check was taken by child support and now get my payment tool tells me that my information does not match their records when will I receive my payment.

  2. The last stimulus check was sent to me direct deposit and child support toke that now I go on the get my payment tool and they tell me that my information does not match their records so I don’t know whether or not I will receive a payment direct deposit or will they send me a check or debit card.

  3. Stimulus check was sent out on jan 6th havent receivrd it yet and i dont have delirect deposit snd also didnt receive a letter yet

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