Biden Expands his Agenda with Change, Reform- 42 Executive Orders

Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell is a syndicated columnist of the National Newspaper Publishers Association and a regular contributor to the Orlando Advocate

By Roger Caldwell

With the transition from president 45 to president 46, the stroke of the pen becomes super powerful. There are 42 executive orders and still counting in a week and a half, the country and the world can only watch in amazement.

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Joe Biden
President Joe Biden

President Biden has dismantled four years of former President Trump’s policies, and reversed the direction the country was moving, with the stroke of the pen. Once President Biden realized he had won the election, he assembled a core group of experts in their fields and they went to work.  

On the day of the inauguration, President Biden went straight to work and signed 17 executive orders, and now he is up to 42. Some of the 42 executive actions of his administration include halting funding of the construction of Trump’s border wall, reversing Trump’s travel ban targeting largely Muslin countries, a mask mandate on federal property, changing economic policies, improving coronavirus policies, the environment, racial equity, education, and many additional policies.  

There is a radical shift taking place in the implementation of the Biden Doctrine, and it will have wide ranging effects in America. President Biden’s agenda has shocked every element of the society, and many political pundits think he is moving too fast.

In the first 10 days of Trump’s administration, he issued 4 executive orders, and in Obama’s administration, he issued 5. George Bush’s administration, he issued zero in the first 10 days. No one can predict if President Biden will be successful, but the country and the world are in awe and amazement.

“The multiple crisis that President Joe Biden faces are too many and too deep and systemic to be tackled in the old way or papered over – they require massive state intervention comparable in scale and character to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930s, and embedding in a new global grand bargain acknowledging multi-polarity and the effective twilight of the US’s global preponderance,” says reporter of The Wire – Inderjeet Parmar.

There is no doubt that former President Trump failed in his 4 years, and he left a legacy of over 26,000,000 infected with Covid-19, and over 400,000 dead. He will be disgraced with a second impeachment to his name, for incitement of insurrection, which left 6 people dead.

With over 20,000 National Guard erecting a ring of steel around the inauguration, Americans are asking the question are we safe? When there is a plot to kidnap an existing governor of a state, who is really safe?

At any time, in any state even in Washington DC, there can be an internal local terrorist attack that could last for days or weeks. There is a civil war taking place now in America, and the majority of Americans think there are only a few hundred Americans, who are radical and violent.

Just as White Americans must grapple with the fact of their majority – minority status, they will no longer be the majority population in America. As more people of color take leadership roles in America, violence must never be the answer of their anger.

The pandemic is causing a devastating loss of life, and a catastrophe for working people in the country. In the next 50 to 100 days, President Biden and his team must get the pandemic under control, or at least in the right direction. Coordination from the federal government will make that happen.

Jobs and the economy must be the second priority on the crisis list, and incendiary partisan divisions must end, for the train of success to move out of the station. The 42 executive orders will bring about change and reform, but they are temporary, and not legislation.In order for permanency, there must be laws and legislation. Again, incendiary partisan divisions must end and the legislators must be able to work across the aisles.  Commonsense and a love of Democracy must prevail.

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