COMMENTARY: The Cat Court Case


by Lucius Gantt, THE GANTT REPORT

     Don’t hate The CAT, hate the lying, losing former President that hit it!

      The news networks and reporters you love are doing a plethora of stories about The U.S. Supreme Court clearing the way for a New York prosecutor to gain access to Donald Trump’s tax returns. Trump has fought to hide his returns for years to possibly cover up tax crimes he may have committed over the past eight years.

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      Well, the news men and women that you love focus on sensationalism when reporting but The Gantt Report looks right before I type.

      Years ago, TGR said the CAT would be the most likely cause of Trump’s being charged, arrested and possibly sent to jail.

      The ruling is a bad loss for Trump, even if the tax records are shielded from public disclosure, after he consistently argued that the subpoena issued by Manhattan New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance was overbroad and issued in bad faith.   

     What most of your favorite reporters neglect to tell you is that the case heard by the SCOTUS was prompted by the discovery that Trump paid the Cat, Stormy Daniels, for sexual reasons by allegedly describing the payments in tax returns as legal fees or business deductions.

     When the truth finally comes out, not only Trump will face scrutiny, his family members could also get caught up in his criminal conspiracies.

      Trump, the Trump Organization and other Trump properties could all get scrutinized by the court system that Trump said was a “witch hunt”.

      Trump fought the “witch” and the “witch” won!

      The subpoenas in the tax case span documents from January 2011 to August 2019, including his tax returns, from Mazars. The documents relate to the Trump Organization’s employment of Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen and hush money payments Cohen allegedly made to the Cat and another woman who claimed to have had extramarital affairs with Trump.

      I know too many people believe Black journalists and Black media professionals are inferior but the belief is incorrect. Some of the world’s best Black writers and reporters are outstanding and those Black media people have views and opinions that can’t be denied or denigrated.

     The Cat is nothing to play with. An unpaid political cat is an angry cat.

     I realized this years ago and I hope you see today why you should at least respect the cats you love to hit.

     The cat might take you to court for tax returns, child support and who knows what else.

     Keep reading The Gantt Report. 

     Meow, said the cat!