‘Nitro Rush’ a wild ride


    Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the upcoming release of Nitro Rush. This action-packed movie will take you on a wild ride when Max is jailed for the role he played in the death of a police officer. While behind bars, he learns that a criminal organization has just recruited his son Theo. Max will risk everything to save his son. The problem is, he must get out of jail first!​​​​​​​

    Max learns that a criminal organization has just recruited his 17-year-old son Theo to use him for the production and distribution of a new drug. Desperate to get him out of the situation, Max escapes from prison.

    He discovers that Theo and his best friend Charly have fallen under the control of Daphne, an alluring femme fatale, who is taking advantage of the teens’ expert computer skills to plan a bold and risky burglary. Quickly understanding he’ll be unable to persuade his son to walk away from it all, Max joins the criminal team to protect them. His driving skills and his athletic prowess will prove tobe invaluable assets in this action-packed sequel.

    Directed by Alain Desrochers.

    Watch the trailer here