Man arrested for human sex trafficking after allegedly abducting woman from another state

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The victim was forced to have sex with multiple men each day

LAREDO, Texas – A man was arrested on allegations of human trafficking after police received a call from a woman on April 8, saying she was the victim of sex trafficking. According to an arrest affidavit, obtained by LMTOnline, a woman called police from a hotel bathroom stating that a man identified as Jason Duncan, 34, forced her to have sex for money. She told police he was driving a rented silver Chevy Sonic bearing Missouri license plates. She stated that Duncan called her saying that she was being watched from McDonald’s and “Don’t tell anything to the cops,” states the affidavit.

Prior to calling police for help, the woman said a man forced her to board a bus with him in Austin and travel to Laredo where she was forced to have sex with multiple men. She stated that she had met Duncan about two weeks ago in Wisconsin. Duncan told her to get in the car because they were going to Texas. An argument ensued when the woman told him she did not want to go. He then threatened to kill her if she did not comply with his demands, according to court documents.

Jason Duncan has been charged with human trafficking in Laredo, TX.

“Once in Laredo, Texas, (the woman) was forced to engage in prostitution by Jason (Duncan). The money that (the woman) would make from prostitution was given in whole to Jason (Duncan),” states the affidavit.

The woman stated that Duncan created ads on “Skip the Games” and “Mega Personals” that included nude photos of her with a phone number and rates for different sex acts and time, according to court documents. Court records state that the woman had sex with 20 to 30 different men since arriving in Laredo.

Duncan allegedly required her to have sex with at least five clients a day. The victim told authorities that she was forced to have sex at the Hotel Ava, Family Garden Inn and Tru Hilton Hotel in Laredo. Police also learned that Duncan kept the woman’s Wisconsin identification card, social security card and bank card inside his wallet, according to court documents.

Duncan was taken to police headquarters for questioning. He requested an attorney after saying that he was “Siete” and “You know who I am … and I’m him … You got me,” states the affidavit.

Duncan was arrested for compelling prostitution, online promotion of prostitution and trafficking of persons to engage in sexual conduct.

I heard a rape survivor say that being raped is like a part of you being killed. Men can never understand that sentiment, but other women do. She said that to be raped five to seven times a day is like dying 5 – 7 times each day, until your soul completely shuts down and you become dead inside and nothing matters anymore. She saw this happening to girls as young as 6 years old. (It happens to little boys, too).

Our laws must be changed to reflect the reality of this modern-day plague. It’s not glorious. It’s not cool. These children are our daughters and granddaughters, our sisters and nieces. They need “before-the-fact” protection. After-the-fact won’t do, because it’s hard to bring the dead back to life. Grabbing children off the street and sentencing them to this horrible degradation demands commensurate punishment.

How about this: one whack with a bamboo cane on the convicted pimps’ naked behinds for each time a trafficked girl was forced to have sex, then moved to a prison first-stop “Way” station where they have no friends or gang members for support and are guaranteed going to be raped the same total number of times— 200, 800?– before being shipped off to “regular” prison?

Yeah, I know how that sounds, and you can send me nasty comments if you like, but how about we consider the children for a moment– before we begin groaning and moaning for their traffickers?

A rape for a rape. Yep, that just might do it, because allowing them to simply strut around prison with their homies and friends high-fiveing each other until they’ve done their time simply does not work.

But maybe I’m wrong. How would you stop it?