TGR: Moscow Mitch Madness


The Gantt Report, By Lucius Gantt

     I have always been politically independent. I’ve tried to be fair when writing about politics. I write about both major political parties, I criticize both and I praise both when praises are due.

     But “Moscow” Mitch McConnell has exposed himself, the corny hats and white sheets have literally come off his back!

     The Minority Leader in the United States Senate made it very clear recently when he decided to kill attempts to support a special commission to investigate the January attack of the U.S, Capitol and on American Democracy.

      Republicans don’t want to investigate the storming of the symbolic building that is the cornerstone of American government by Donald Trump supporters because the “Big Lie” by the big liar is something GOP members feel they have to perpetuate in order to win the next elections.

     Republicans don’t want to know if the insurrection at the Capitol was planned, who orchestrated the attack, who helped finance the attack and who did, or did not, call in reinforcements when Capitol Police were being beaten with flag poles, pepper sprayed and killed on Capitol grounds.

      Republicans don’t want American citizens to know who former President Trump talked to before, during and after the insurrection. They don’t want Americans to know if Donald Trump laughed after hearing that klansmen and neo-nazis were calling for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and white nationalists had constructed a noose to hang Republican Vice President Mike Pense.

      No need for poppycock, Mitch McConnell made the political decision to ride “The White Horse”. He decided to put his hands in the hands of the man who punked him by lying to him about President Joe Biden’s 2020 election win and convinced Mitch that the only way to control the U.S. Senate was to embrace the racist theory that only a separatist could, or should, become the President of the United States.

     If you don’t know, only about a third of Americans are “card carrying” white supremacists but most members of the current Republican party, and also many “Dixiecrats”, are very much opposed to immigrants or any sympathizers and supporters of Black Lives Matter or other diverse organizations.

     The Democrats that are in reality modern day “Dixiecrats”, feel if they come out strong against white nationalism theory and philosophy they will lose a lot of white voters.

     The Black block vote is not the only “block”. There is a white racist block vote too.

     Democrats want to stay in power and they can but they have to be able to effectively respond to Republican misconduct and misinformation.

     Democrats, other than the “squad” of so-called progressive Democrats, seem as quiet as mice when big lies and little lies are told on Fox News and other conservative news outlets.

     Readers of The Gantt Report get multiple emails every single day about how and why your friends, family and neighbors should donate money for Democratic campaigns but Democrats can’t send you emails about why Democrats are unwilling to stop filibusters, they can’t send you messages about how you can get a job or a contract to provide services for Democrats and you’ll never get an email about equal opportunities, equal justice and equal rights for ALL Americans regardless of ethnicity or skin color.

     Moscow Mitch Madness is not coincidental, it is calculated. Republicans show their love and their willingness to do what Trump tells them to do because they are afraid not to.

     Democrats, Democrats what you gonna do when they come for you? They have already come for the people, the government, the Constitution and the American way!

     Stop the Moscow Mitch Madness. Fight for what’s right!