TGR: Learning From the Losers

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Lucius is a contributing columnist to NNPA newspapers around the nation, and the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing,” available on and from bookstores everywhere.

 Too many Americans love their losers! They love the soldiers, the officers and the generals of the despicable Confederacy. They love their criminals, their smugglers, their embezzlers, their gangsters, racketeers and their slave owning ancestors. 

     And they love their lying, losing former President Donald Trump!

     It seems, THE BIG LIE will live forever. Judicial rulings in America’s highest courts can’t stop the lie, biased news organizations can’t stop the lie and handkerchief headed, boot licking pundits and editorial columnists are not even trying to put an end to devilish political misinformation!

     Everybody around the world knows that Donald Trump got beat by a landslide in the 2020 elections.

     However, your neighbors, your coworkers and imaginary friends that pose as your supporters, act like they are your benefactors and pretend to be your protectors are “politically correct” when they talk to you in public but when they get home behind closed doors they are quick to call you that N-word!

     America’s nationalists and supremacists take pride in convincing you that devils are Angels. They convince you by feeding the people they, and you, like. 

     You don’t vote for or choose who you think should be your Black community leaders. Your leaders are described and designated by your exploiters and oppressors. If the white newspaper doesn’t say you’re a leader, you’re not a “leader”.

     Black people in America don’t have to be courageous to be a “leader”, they don’t have to be smart to be a “leader” and they damn sure don’t have to be wealthy in a capitalist society to be crowned as a Black community leader.

      I recently watched a show on Prime Video entitled “Uncle Tom” and the only claim to fame that many of the people who appeared on the program was their ability to rubber stamp, parrot and repeat the unfounded and erroneous statements of American losers!

     If you want to get on television all you have to do is say what Republicans want you to say or say what Democrats want you to say.

     If you say what the people want you to say or do what your people need you to do, people in power in America will describe you as a rabble rouser, a radical, a militant or a hater!

     Truth tellers in the United States are in no more danger than you are. Truth tellers get profiled, beaten, shot, fired and mistreated just like you do.

     Stop thinking the best Black people in the world are the Negroes that get the most trophies, plaques and certificates of appreciation.

     In the days of slavery, the slave masters loved the butler, the cook and the dark-skinned overseers that slept on the floors of the big house and they hated the angry Blacks that toiled in the fields and dreamed of running away from involuntary servitude.

     When the Confederate Army lost the Civil War slave shackles were loosened on the hands and ankles of the kidnapped workers but the minds of the slaves remains controlled to this very day.

     Today, African Americans excel in sports and excel in music but we don’t excel in revenue generation. We don’t excel in Black business development, we don’t excel in Black wealth building and we don’t excel in international trade with our brothers and sisters around the globe because we believe in America’s losers more than we believe in each other.

     The losers we trust so much have bamboozled us into thinking that rich and wealthy are synonymous terms. They are not!     Losers are the last people you should idolize and follow.