President Biden’s Agenda Winning or Losing with Americans?

This is a photo of Roger Caldwell, an NNPA columnist and long-time contributor to the Advocate
Roger Caldwell is an NNPA Columnist and a long-time contributor to the Advocate

By Roger Caldwell 

Last year around this time, President Biden introduced his “Build Back Better Agenda” and it is too early to give his administration a thumps up or down. It does not matter what you think of the president as an individual, there is something in the plan that is historical, and every American should find an idea or concept they like. When American residents on September 18, 2021 are experiencing space travel with limited training for three days, it is time to vision a new world.

“Facing a raging pandemic, unprecedented economic downturn, profound climate crisis, and persistent racial injustices, President Biden outlined an ambitious agenda that would position America not just to return to where we were but to build back better towards a more sustainable, resilient, equitable, and prosperous future,” a statement from the White House during August 13, 2021 press release. 

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President Biden’s Agenda is comprehensive, and it is built around American Families, and improving communities. Many American leaders are confused with the massive and monumental amount of work needed to start this Agenda, but a can do attitude can change the course of America and its history.

“The Build Back Better Agenda includes President Biden’s American Families Plan and key elements of the American Jobs Plan that were not included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. In Washington, the proposal is known as ‘reconciliation.’ But the bottom line is a plan that will create jobs, cut taxes, and lower cost for working families,” says the White House.

President Biden’s economic plan was designed to lower cost on middle and lower class Americans. The plan was to lower child care cost, lower higher education cost, lower health care cost, and lower housing cost, cut taxes, and create jobs. On March 11, 2021, Biden won his first major economic victory, when he signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which cost $1.9 trillion dollars.

Many Americans forgot when they received a check for $1,400.00, from the federal government, which was part of the Rescue Plan. Everyone who is complaining about the many things they don’t like about the president’s mandates, they should remember they liked the president when they got their checks. When small businesses received grants up to $10,000, and larger companies got grants over $100,000 they were smiling, and many watched their accounts increased, and again they were smiling.

Many forget when unemployment was extended, and there was a moratorium on eviction and foreclosures. Instead of lowering the taxes on the wealthy, Biden increased the tax rates for the wealthy, forgive student loans, and make college free for families making up to $125,000.

Everywhere you look in American President Biden is lowering cost, and saving residents money. In the past eight months and there have been victories and defeats. This is the reality of American Democracy, and agendas operate on compromise and accountability.

President Biden operates from a can do attitude, and at 78 nothing surprises him, and he remains level headed. The Build Back Better Agenda is a historical plan which will energize America with an economic revitalization program. Pressure in September is building for both houses to pass $3.5 trillion budget bill, and $1.2 trillion infrastructure transportation bill.

The Senate has passed the transportation bill, but the house wants the $3.5 trillion budget bill passed, before they pass the transportation bill. There is no easy answer or process to get the bills passed, but there is a bipartisan movement in both houses. President Biden has promised Americans that his Build Back Better Agenda will be passed during his time in office. He has been in the political trenches for over 40 years, and he loves being a politician. Americans are extremely fortunate to have Present Biden in office, and he will – Build Back America Better.