INOX unveils industry’s most comprehensive electrified sliding door lock

image of new PD97ES electrified mortise lock
The PD97ES is suited for a wide range of applications including but not limited to hospitality, healthcare, commercial, office, and residential.
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New PD97ES features built-in monitoring switches and integrates with any access control system on the market

SACRAMENTO, Calif./PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — INOX reveals the PD97ES, a sensor-controlled electrified mortise lock for sliding doors equipped with built-in monitoring sensors that interact with any access control system on the market. The PD97ES is the only sliding door hardware solution for healthcare, institutional and other commercial facilities that provides enhanced privacy and security while also supporting touchless opening. For areas that need limited accessibility, such as patient rooms or research spaces on a university campus, the PD97ES provides builders, specifiers and facility planners with a comprehensive hardware solution.

“There has been a noticeable need, especially in healthcare settings, for an access control solution for sliding doors,” said Qianyan Cheng, INOX co-founder and Vice President of Product Development. “Each evolution of the PD97 series was created to fill the need for increased security and easier installation. Now, the monitoring capabilities of the PD97ES creates the ideal hardware option for architects, planners and specifiers to incorporate sliding doors into an open floor plan.”

Key Features of the PD97ES

  • The PD97ES features built-in monitoring sensors that can alert a central control system, such as a nurse’s station in a hospital or campus security office, if the deadbolt is engaged or the door is opened.
  • The Request-to-Exit (REX) Switch sends a signal to the control panel that the door is about to be opened by someone intending to exit a – secured area.
  • The Door Positioning Switch (DPS) sends a signal to the control panel to monitor the position of the door.
  • The Deadbolt Monitoring Switch (DMS) sends a signal to the control panel to monitor the position of the deadbolt.
  • An alarm is built into the hardware to ensure the lock is properly engaged. If the door is closed and the deadbolt cannot engage or lock properly, the PD97ES re-attempts to secure the deadbolt three times. If the deadbolt still cannot lock properly, the alarm sounds, and an alert is sent to the central control system.
  • The PD97ES has an installation-friendly power transfer unit built directly inside the lock and strike. This feature provides builders and door manufacturers with the ability to install the PD97ES as an individual component within any access control system rather than replacing the entire configuration. The built-in power transfer eliminates the complicated door prep required by electrified locks that are powered with wire chases installed through the door frame.
  • All PD97ES functions are Fail Secure. The deadbolt auto-locks once the door is closed. In case of power failure, the deadbolt remains mechanically locked from the outside to keep the area secure. The inside lever always unlocks the latchbolt for emergency egress.
  • The PD97ES is ADA compliant and meets UL standards for UL294 and UL1034.
  • Auto-locking and self-latching functions support touchless opening solutions when paired with an auto-operator.
  • The PD97ES is available in Satin Stainless Steel. CeraMax ceramic finish options include Graphite Black, Flat Black, Dark Bronze and Stormy Grey.

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