Jurassic World Dominion: Loved it! 

Jurassic Dominion ad cropped
Advance screening was big hit by attendees!

by Lee Dixon, Entertainment Editor, Orlando Advocate

I’m no movie critic. As a matter of fact, I have no idea what it is that movie critics look for when they watch a movie. But I know a good movie when I watch one. And Jurassic World Dominion is just downright good, old-fashioned enjoyable entertainment.

For the people who attended last night’s advance screening of the final chapter in the Jurassic Park franchise at the Altamonte Mall AMC Theaters, Jurassic World Dominion was a fun ride from start to finish. Post-movie interviews were consistently favorable: movie-goers at the screening thought it was one of the best movie sequels ever produced– even better than Jurassic World, which ranks #32 on the list of best sequels. 

Characters from both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are brought back to the story one by one. A little hokey, perhaps, but hey, a really fitting way to pay homage to the people who helped fill our lives over the last 30 years with enjoyable memories of raptors and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. At the screening, the audience applauded each character as they appeared on screen. 

Like I said, I’m no critic. But I’m sure there will be the critics disappointed by the Jurassic fans will not be disappointed if they don’t see Besst Actor or Best Actress performances.  But that’s not why I went to see the movie. The movie sets up quickly and then takes off at high speed and never slows down.  Humor, intrigue and fright are all to be found on this roller coaster ride.  I got what I went to the screening for. And when it opens in theaters on Friday, I intend to see it again.  

Well conceived, well acted, funny and scary– what more can you ask for?  Jurassic World Dominion is a definite “YES” for this ‘not-a-critic’ Jurassic franchise superfan. Whatever the critics may say, go see it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.


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