Kristina Karamo, Trump acolyte, threatened to kill self and her family, court records claim

Kristine Karamo
Kristina Karamo, GOP nominee for Michigan Secretary of State, accused by husband in court filings of being suicidal

Kristina Karamo, the Trump-endorsed Republican Party’s nominee for Michigan secretary of state, is accused by her husband of threatening several years ago to kill herself and her two daughters after he announced he wanted a divorce. While ha made these charges before, they came up again in a Motion to Change Parenting that he filed in court on Friday.

Karamo immediately followed the filing with a statement released Friday afternoon.

You might recall that Michigan is one of the states that Trump said he lost due to ballot fraud in 2020. You might not recall, however, that Karamo drank the Trump kool-aid. She has continued to spread the “stolen election” lie despite a number of court rulings to the contrary.

Back to the ex-husband’s accusations: According to Adom Karamo, the two of them and the couple’s two teenagers were traveling by car and discussing their impending separation. Kristina tried to grab the wheel of their car and crash the vehicle, he said, saying “F— it, I’ll kill us all.” He alleged in the document that Kristina had been previously “committed to an institution for evaluation due to her efforts at self-harm and suicide,” and that her repeated threats to commit suicide “trapped [him] in the marriage for years, [as he was] always subject to the threat of [her] committing suicide.”

While Kristina responded that she has “never harmed [her] children, [and] any claims that I have are categorically false,” Adom’s charges had more to do with her attempting to harm them all.

It’s possible, as she says, that Adom is simply using the charges as leverage to change their custody agreement, but it should be easy enough to prove whether or not she was previously committed to an institution because of self-harm and attempted suicide.


Mental illness is certainly no laughing matter, but neither is electing a person with coping deficiencies and suicidal tendencies to a high stress position like Secretary of State.

If the GOP isn’t demanding answers to this question, it is a glaring example of Republican desperation heading into the midterm elections.