Clare & The Chocolate Nutcracker

Chocolate Nutcracker image
"The true mission of the show is bringing the diverse cultures together as one." Wanda Page

10 Years of Artistic Brilliance from Beverly Page

By Roger Caldwell, Special to The Advocate 

“If you are an educator fairytales are always parts of the curriculum. As a teacher back then, I was always able to do a lot of comparing and contrasting the original Nutcracker, and many times it did not look like me,” says the creator Mrs. Page.  

Great artwork and phenomenal musical dance performances come from perfection of a vision, which must be practiced for years until it is right. As a teacher Bev Page for most of her career worked in schools in underserved populations, and there were always very few images of us. When they went to any performance or on any stage there were always few that looked like us.

Beverly Page has 25 years of teaching in the public school system. “I am a creator; I love to create my own designs for my chocolate nutcrackers. I am an entrepreneur, I have my own Etsy store, and the nutcrackers are sold on I am a wife married to Ernest Page, and a mother,” says Mrs. Page.

The driving force for Beverly Page in the 10 years she has produced the performance/show, first at the Bob Carr Center, and now at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is access and opportunity. It was never easy, and the cost was in the thousands, but each year in January, she starts the process knocking on doors again getting sponsorships and donations. 

“Believe it or not, I believe we have been very successful at doing that. Now, we are the only Nutcracker that will be performed on the Walt Disney Stage, and that says a lot about how the community has embraced our holiday production, and the kind of support we are getting. We are getting sponsors all across the community, and grants to help make this happen. We are ecstatic to have Orlando Health as our presenting sponsor for 2001, and 2022,” says Mrs. Page.

The secret sauce to make this performance work for 10 years is bringing the cultures together. Clare and Chocolate Nutcracker is a multi-cultural performance and everyone who comes to the show, they can see the brilliance and love in every scene.  It is a reflection of your own family, and the beauty of America.

“The true mission of the show is bringing the diverse cultures together as one. Coming up with the finances to put the show on at the Dr. Phillips stage takes a community with sponsorship and support. Because we have a mission of giving back to the community, there is a buy-in from the Government, the Arts and the corporate community,” explained Mrs. Page.

Beverly Page is directing and producing the show this year. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Drama, a Masters or Arts degree in Education, and Post graduate studies in Education Leadership/Supervision. Her vision is not only to perform but to also teach, and the show is growing.

This is an investment in the arts, and the community, parents and families are our supporters. There is something here for everyone, and the children and youth have tirelessly worked and trained from August to November every Saturday at their shared studio space.

The training will not end on November 26th, but throughout the month of December 2022, cast members have been invited to perform at local events. “This gives me joy to see the opportunities afforded members of our cast. We have come full circle, and I am very proud of it,” says Beverly Page.

 Get your tickets early and there is a discount for 10 or more. Only one show, November 26, 2022, 7:00 pm, at Dr. Phillips Center of the Performing Arts, Walt Disney Theater, 445, S. Magnolia Ave, Orlando Florida, 32801. Tickets are still available, and for information: call Bill and Mary Darden Box Office, 407-358-6603. “Join Us”