Hurricane Ian Relief Effort Continues

    8am EST - Hurricane Ian

    Hurricane Ian will likely wind up in the history books as the most devastating storm in American history. The tropical storm turned hurricane slammed the Florida coastline with 155 mph winds and a massive storm surge that tore up roads and bridges, destroyed countless homes, killed possibly hundreds of people and left entire neighborhoods submerged and filled with gators and maybe even a shark or two.

    While hoaxes abound in the internet, after speaking with the person who filmed the shark struggling to swim in his backyard, the Associated Press has confirmed that the video is authentic.

    Florida officials have confirmed that at least least 81 people died during the storm. Move than half of these deaths happened in coastal Lee County, where officials delayed calling for evacuation. While officials defend their late calls for evacuation, rescue teams dig deeper into hard hit areas cut off by floodwater and debris. The death toll is expected to rise.

    Throughout the state, almost 3 million people were left without power.

    If you’re looking to help out, explore these sites for ways.

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