Black owned business utilizing AI to reduce waste and connect the Restaurant/Bar industry

Photo, KEXY representative
KEXY representative. Scott Graham and KEXY. They are a huge driving force in the Restaurant/Bar industry right now, leading a tech movement to unify suppliers, distributors, and retailers.

KEXY Utilizes Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize the Restaurant and Bar Market and Decrease Waste

Encinitas, CA – CEO Scott Graham, with his years of experience in the restaurant industry, knows firsthand the challenges of operating a restaurant. These include:

  • Restaurant and bar owners wasting an average of 23% on overstocked inventory.
  • Distributors not always offering the right products to retailers, leading to waste.
  • Suppliers frustrated with distributors for not selling their products effectively.

As a serial entrepreneur, Graham recognized the need for new technology to connect these three groups in a way that had not been done before. He and his team set their sights on these problems and founded KEXY.

KEXY has developed simple solutions to these problems:

  • By collecting inventory data from hundreds and thousands of businesses, KEXY developed an algorithm that accurately predicts customer buying patterns, allowing retailers to hold less inventory by only buying when there is a true need.
  • Distributors can now know what products retailers will need and when they will need them, eliminating waste.
  • Suppliers can now reach retailers directly through KEXY, offering them great deals and saving everyone money.

Graham and his team have had great success, having recently completed the TechStars program and received funding to further develop their service. This technology is already saving businesses money and is the future of sales in the industry.

About KÉXY

KÉXY is an all-in-one marketplace that bridges the gap between restaurants, distributors and retailers, solving supply chain issues in the Food and Beverage Industry. By making it easier to source, order and sell products, this hospitality platform streamlines operations between all parties along the supply chain. KÉXY is designed to help all sectors of the hospitality industry succeed and make the hospitality industry a better place for everyone. Visit for information.