WNBA Star Brittney Griner is Released from Russian Prison in Prisoner Exchange 

Britney Griner
Britney Griner released in prisoner swap with Russia

by Lauren Victoria Burke, NNPA Newswire Contributor

Photo of Lauren Victoria Burke
Lauren Victoria Burke

Brittney Griner, 32, a major star in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), has been released from a Russian prison after months of incarceration.  She has been detained in Russia since February.

President Biden made a statement on Brittney Griner’s release early on the morning of Dec. 8th and released photos of him meeting with Griner’s wife, Cherelle Griner, in the Oval Office and speaking with Brittney Griner on the phone atop the Resolute Desk. Cherelle Griner will be flown by the U.S. government to San Antonio, Texas where Brittney Griner will arrive back in the U.S.

“She’s safe, she’s on a plane, she’s on her way home,” President Biden said on Dec. 8th during a West Wing press conference. “She should have never been detained in the first place… these past few months have been hell for Brittney and Cherelle,” the President added.

Speaking after President Biden at the White House, Cherelle Griner, said she was, “overwhelmed with emotions. But the most important emotion that I have right now is just sincere gratitude for President Biden and his entire administration. He just mentioned this work is not easy and it has not been — so many hands are involved.

Pres. Biden, VP Kamala Harris and Secretary of State, Antony Blinken in photo
Joe Biden and Cherelle Griner speak on the phone with Brittney Griner after her release by Russia, as Vice-President Kamala Harris and the secretary of state, Antony Blinken, look on. Photograph: White House/Reuters

I’d like to take a moment to just specifically mention a few.”

Cherelle Griner then thanked Vice President Harris and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken among many others.

Brittney Griner was detained a week before Russia invaded Ukraine. Biden also cautioned Americans to be careful about their travel and to be particularly cautious traveling to Russia. Several activists in the U.S. kept her name in the news on social media with a “free Brittney” campaign push to keep up awareness of her incarceration in Russia.

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