COMMENTARY: The Babayka Has Assets

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THE GANTT REPORT, by Lucius Gantt

     Ian Fleming was once a British Naval Intelligence officer. After his retirement, he became a successful writer that created an iconic movie character called, “Bond, James Bond”!

     Bond, also known as “007”, had a “license to kill”.

      A similar and more recent movie character, “Jason Bourne”, was recruited and hired by the CIA to terminate human obstacles.

      They were both “assets”, or people hired or employed by government agencies to kill people.

       Well, the most dangerous type of assets appears to be working on behalf of the Babayka, the Russian Bogeyman!

      Why are the current assets more dangerous, they are more dangerous because they are intent on killing the world’s democracies.

       The Babayka is a nickname given to former President Donald Trump for his love and support for the President of Russia.

       In my mind, it seemed like the former and impeached, leader of the United States; has tried to do everything he could do to please his confidant, campaign supporter, and benefactor that runs things in Moscow.

      After serving one term as President, Trump was soundly defeated at the polls by the current President Joe Biden.

      After Trump lost what political power he had, he motivated, influenced,  and developed political assets to do damage to democracy that he was unable to do.

      In the United States House of Representatives, there are more than a few friends of Trump that see no problem in causing chaos, mayhem, division of the people and the downfall of The American Way! 

      Instead of governing and passing legislation desired by citizens, some Republican elected officials in the House and Senate have focused on investigating government investigators, ranting and raving about raising the nation’s debt limits, denying opportunities for immigrants to apply for asylum, fighting improvements in gun control, and more.

      The Babayka’s best asset might be new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy and his merry men, and women, have said U.S. spending should include cuts to programs that the people want the most, like social security, Medicare, and veteran’s benefits.

      The millionaires that contribute to GOP campaign coffers were happy with the way Republicans devised a tax system wherein the most wealthy Americans could get away with paying zero in taxes but even the billionaires should be upset if the American economy is devastated and interest rates skyrocket when the government can’t pay its bills.

      While you and your neighbors have hopes and dreams, the Babayka’s assets have plots and schemes!

       One thing in the people’s favor is the fact that Republicans rarely keep their political promises.

       Remember when the GOP said they would abolish Obamacare? Well, the healthcare plan put in place by former President Barack Obama is alive and well and more popular than ever.

        God willing, the assets will not be able to kill democracy but the people might have to rise up to stop them.


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