COMMENTARY: The Beat Goes On

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THE GANTT REPORT, by Lucius Gantt

By Lucius Gantt

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     I feel so sorry for the family of the Black man that was fatally injured after he was beaten for three minutes after being pulled over and accused of reckless driving in Memphis by Black law enforcers.

     “Death by police” is something that everyone in every Black community believes could happen. 

      Similar situations have been happening in America for 400 years.

      Police misconduct in America was not something that was imagined, designed and perpetrated by brothers and sisters of African descent. It appears that the Blacks in blue may have learned how to treat Black men and women by observing how Blacks were treated by non-Black officers in similar situations.

      Well, you may think that the previous comment was a stretch but I’ve never heard of an instance where five Black cops beat a white person to death for a traffic violation.

       History tells us that white slavers sold Black kids conceived with Black slave women, they ordered dogs to attack slaves that ran away or didn’t obey orders. Whites brutalized, tortured and killed Black children like Emmit Till with the blessings of lawmen and assassinated Black leaders with the cooperation of federal agents and negro informants.

        I know you don’t like for me to write like this and neither do I but you’ll never get a full and correct story from World Star, Snap Chat, Facebook or Instagram.

        There is a show on Prime Video called “Hunters”. It is about Jews that hunt down and kill Nazis that brutalized and murdered Jews in Germany and in other European countries.

        I’ve watched every episode of “Hunters” because criminals should be tracked down and punished. 

        I think police brutality would decrease if bad cops knew there would be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from prosecution of alleged crimes against humanity.

        Internal Affairs departments are not always fair. Oftentimes, any complaints made there will be used against you in a court of law and used to conjure up defenses to protect governments from huge personal injury lawsuits.

         The people’s best bet is to try and stay out of trouble and obey all legal and honorable laws.

          I would also encourage you to keep your mouth shut when confronted with law enforcers.

        Loose lips sometimes get beaten and swollen!

     I love Fela music and Afrobeat but the beatings of unarmed men and women must stop!
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