Feminist and son detained by Taliban: Urgent measures are necessary

Julia Parsi detained by Taliban intelligence
Afghan activist Julia Parsi and son have been detained why the Taliban. Their whereabouts are presently unknown. Photo provided by Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women.

Following the arrest of Neda Parwani on September 19, today on September 27, 2023, Taliban intelligence detained Julia Parsi and her young son in Kabul. Julia Parsi is one of the women’s rights activists who fought against the misogynist Taliban regime and raised the voice of women’s protest for the right to freedom and life.
by Carolyn Dix, Orlando Advocate.com

Ms. Julia Parsi not only encouraged and organized women and girls in Kabul to obtain their rights and freedoms, but also shared the cries of captive women in their homes with the press and media and exposed the gender-based apartheid of the Taliban regime.
The Taliban force confessions from the female prisoners by physically torturing and psychologically threatening them. They are asked to reveal the names and addresses of their other colleagues to the Taliban. With the forced confessions of imprisoned women, the Taliban can gain access to the identities and addresses of women fighters and finally hunt them down.
The arrest of one or more protesting women is not only a disaster for the victim, but these arrests also create a great challenge for their other colleagues because there is a possibility that a detainee under severe physical and mental torture will reveal the names and addresses of her colleagues to the Taliban. Therefore, after being informed about the arrest of their colleagues, the protesting women have to change their residential locations immediately to avoid being hunted by the Taliban. But mostly due to very limited facilities and lack of timely information, the Taliban succeed in arresting wanted women. Currently, hundreds of women are missing and no one knows their fate, whether they are kept in official and private prisons of the Taliban or have they been killed?
The “Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women” condemns the detention and torture of protesting women and demands the immediate release of Julia Parsi, Neda Parwani and other prisoners or “missing persons.” If the international community does not take a serious and immediate reaction against the misogynistic actions of the Taliban, and if the women under the threat of the Taliban are not provided with immediate protection and asylum, we will soon witness widespread arrests and human catastrophe. We ask the international community and major powers to act as soon as possible to save the lives of Afghan women and to get the wanted women out of the hell of the Taliban.
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