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Kevin Seraaj

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501(c)(3): Understanding the Process

After deciding that you need 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.  it's time to apply.  There are two paths to the application process: IRS Form 1023, and IRS Form...

Will the Florida Black Caucus Challenge Governor Scott in 2015?

Governor Scott gave his second inaugural speech and I am still waiting to find out what the Florida Black Caucus thought about it. There...

Stop What You’re Doing and Vote for Hebni Nutrition’s Fresh Stop Bus

The People's Garden Initiative has demonstrated that one direct and effective way of improving food access is to plant a garden - not so...

Live Healthier with a Cleaner Tongue…Take the Challenge!

Get rid of millions of bacteria that causes bad breath and other oral disorders by adding The Perfect Tongue Cleaner, a new tongue cleaner/scraper,...

The Distance

The Distance Helen Gitrow Doubleday c/o The Random House Publishing Group www.doubleday.com 9780385536998, $26.95 www.amazon.com In “The Distance” Charlotte Atton walks a tense line between socialite and information specialist....

Kevin Seraaj

1072 POSTS