Sounds of a Coo

Sounds of a Coo
Kelly Lambert

Outskirts Press Inc
10940 South Parker Road, #515, Parker, CO 80134
9781432783037, $23.95,

What do babies think of their parents and those around them? Kelly Lambert in her book “Sounds of a Coo” shows what babies are thinking about many different subjects, and makes this kid’s book lots of fun. From learning about their hands to mommy and daddy we learn how different babies feel and there are many surprises. “Sounds of a Coo” tries to clear up many of the mysteries about babies and does it very well.

Sometimes I am Scared of Zombies: An Interactive Adventure

Sometimes I am Scared of Zombies An Interactive Adventure
Written by Bob Fox Illustrated by Brandon Peter and Melissa Schneider

Superfox Entertainment Group
9781479330355, $10.00

Horror writer Rob Fox goes in a very different direction with the kid’s book “Sometimes I am Scared of Zombies!” With the art work by Brandon Peter and Melissa Schneider, the three combined talents come together to show how you should not be afraid of zombies because they are not real, and the book teaches kids to face their fears instead of being afraid or running away from them.

The Hummingbird Garden

The Hummingbird Garden
Evelyn Schawarrz with Illustrations by Kitty Quinn

Outskirts Press Inc
10940 South Parker Road, #515, Parker, CO 80134
9781432798154, $16.95,

Alexis Johnson and her family move into a new home and meet the neighbors their neighbors the Fletchers. Alexis and Tyler Fletcher get along until Alexis and her family plant some flowers in their new back yard. She wants to have the hummingbirds that were at the Fletcher’s also come to their yard. At first Tyler is not very happy until something happens and then he realizes there is enough to go around for everyone.

“The Hummingbird Garden” is another great kid’s book that any age can read and enjoy, while it has so many positive messages, among them the importance of sharing.

Niki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick

Niki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick
By Marina

Leo Publishing
9780983473541, $19.95

There are several things I liked abut “Nikki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick”. Among them are the fact that the author did all of the artwork, the bold colors add a dimension of fun to the story and that it is told by the narrator Mr. Wolfgang Spinsilk, the spider. The problem I found was there are several different writings on the pages that do not seem to have the same focus. One example is, one of the character’s room at home is a mess then there is an explanation for the origins of manners. I do not see how the two are related. The author does this throughout the work. I also do not know what age group this is for, even though it says for ages 6 and up. I guess I am not in the age group that fits to understand “Nikki & Nick Are Great Friends to Pick”

Reviews by Gary Roen

The Adventures of Keeno and Ernest “The Banana Tree”

The Adventures of Keeno and Ernest “The Banana Tree”
By Maggie van Galen Illustrated by Joanna Lundeen

Outskirts Press Inc
10940 South Parker Road, #515, Parker, CO 80134
9781432779825, $16995,

Keeno is a mischievous monkey who gets into trouble and drags his friend Ernest an elephant along when Keeno does not heed both sets of parents warning not to cross the river. Ernest has to find a way to rescue Keeno and not let their parents know what they have done. “The Adventures of Keeno and Ernest “The Banana Tree” has many good lessons for kid’s to learn among them what happens when you do not listen to your parents and the importance of friendship.

Jilli, That’s Silly: A Story About Being a Girl

Jilli, That’s Silly: A Story About Being a Girl
Written by Christa Carpenter Illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams

Mark Wayne Adams Inc
P. O. Box 916392, Longwood Fl 32791-6392
9781596160156, $14.95

Jillian Wallaby is a 7 year old girl who does lots of silly things that make the book pleasurable to see how juvenile she can be while her mom tries to understand her daughter. Mark Wayne Adams artwork adds to the story, especially when Jilli’s mom is brushing her hair. Jilli makes faces into the mirror. This is one example of how Adams’ artwork complements the story. “Jilli, That’s Silly!” has several positive messages to kids and parents as well, that make the book fun to read.

The Ultimate Guide to the Harry Potter Fandom

The Ultimate Guide to the Harry Potter Fandom
By E.A Pyne

What the Flux Comics Publishing Inc
2653Madeline Avenue, Winter Park, Fl 32789
978145074560451895, $21.30

For anyone who wants to know more about the world of Harry Potter there is “The Ultimate Guide to The Harry Potter Fandom. The author takes the reader on a tour of the Harry Potter universe including all of the books and movies and many other things not really known before. I especially liked where the author went into so much detail to reveal what is the real meaning of fandom and how it applies to Harry Potter. Not authorized by J. K. Rawlings “The Ultimate Guide to The Harry Potter Fandom” should be an added to anyone’s library of books about Harry Potter.

Local Woman, Mary Mawell, to Receive 2014 Drum Award


The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity honors individuals who best exemplify the late Dr. Martin Luther King’s commitment to scholastic achievement, social justice, community service, civic affairs and business.  This year’s award is being given in the category of social justice, and Mary Maxwell will be the recipient.  The Social Justice award is given to a person or group whose commitment to social justice for minorities, women, handicapped and others is unquestioned.

Ms. Maxwell is this year’s “champion of equal rights.”  

The award will be presented at the fraternity’s upcoming annual Dr. Martin Luther King Commemorative Luncheon on Friday, January 17, 2014, in downtown Orlando at the Ballroom at Church Street Station.  The event starts at 11:30am and will end by 1:30pm.

Congratulations, Ms. Maxwell.

NAACP Honors Members


The Orange County Branch NAACP Membership Committee and Branch President. Kran Riley hosted a reception honoring Gold and Life Members on Saturday, December 14, 2013.  The reception also acknowledged branch members for their continuous support, time, dedication and commitment.  During the reception, the committee highlighted the branch’s accomplishments for the year as well as shared information regarding the upcoming activities.

The branch encourages and welcomes existing members to become subscribing life members and also welcomes new members.   The Orange County NAACP monthly meetings are held AT 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month at the NAACP office 2512 West Colonial Drive Orlando Florida 32804, telephone number 407 649-3020.   The Branch thanks and appreciates the local community and look forward to  continued partnership and support.


Dear Sandy B:
This past summer I attended the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. I am still wondering about what was going on with Beyonce’s performance. It was something weird and not at all like the Beyonce that I went to see and have admired for so long. This weird performance went on for about thirty minutes, then she started performing like I had expected.
Do you have any idea of what all that weirdness was about in the beginning of her performance?
Winter Park
Dear Yvette:
I happened to be at the same show that you were at. My mouth stayed wide open as all I could think was “what in the “H” is this mess that is goin’ on”.  When the weird music started and then the weird photos of strange people popped up on the screen, I thought maybe a horror show was about to take place. Beyonce “took the cake” when she came out looking like “little black riding hood” in that black hooded cape. I ain’t about to rap about something I ain’t got no knowledge about. However, the word on the street is that Beyonce and Jay Z are now involved in some kind of secret organization/religion for the rich and powerful known as ILLUMINATI. Their money is large, but I hope there are not confused about the kind of loot that folks have around the world in this group; what they have is pennies compared. Check it out on Google.
Dear Sandy B:
I have friends that jump from church to church, and every year they actually join a new church. They have joined six churches in ten years. They always find fault with the minister, mainly, among other things. They actually get on me for staying at the church that I have attended all of my life even though I am not always happy with some of the things that that go on. Please comment.
Dear Marsha: I suggest that you do what makes you happy. Some folks ain’t  gonna never be happy, and quittin’  and complaining is what they do. I wonder how involved that got in those six churches. I’ve learned that every church has something that you may not like; If it meets your needs most of the time, consider yourself lucky.
Grandma’s Gem: Your ego may not always be your friend.