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TGR COMMENTARY: Where Do We Go From Here?

By Lucius Gantt      Tell me. Where do we go from here?       It’s 2020, another...

TGR COMMENTARY: Happy With Your Status

The Gantt Report, by Lucius Gantt      Too many of your family members, friends and neighbors are happy with...

TGR COMMENTARY: Puppets and Pirates in Protest Clothing

By Lucius Gantt      About a month or so ago, I was in Tallahassee, Florida to take care of...

TGR COMMENTARY: Black Sheep With No Shepherd

The Gantt Report, by Lucius Gantt Once upon a time, long, long ago, millions of Black sheep were stolen...

TGR COMMENTARY: Voices of Black Elders

THE GANTT REPORT, By Lucius Gantt      I applaud America’s young people and others that are standing up and...

TGR COMMENTARY: Every Department is a Police Department

By Lucius Gantt      Almost every day you turn on your radio or television set, local broadcast stations and...

TGR COMMENTARY: How to Curtail Police Murders

The Gantt Report, by Lucius Gantt      Reverend Al Sharpton has announced plans for a march on Washington. The...

TGR COMMENTARY: Arrest the Beasts

By Lucius Gantt      My heartfelt condolences go out to the family, friends, neighbors and all others that loved...

TGR COMMENTARY: Ebony Robes and Ivory Justice

By Lucius Gantt      All my heroes have been to jail. Martin, Malcolm, Marcus and Jesus and many more...

COMMENTARY– TGR: Jogging While Black

  by Lucius Gantt I’m a Georgia boy, so to speak. I spent a lot of time in Florida...