Publish My Notice of Dissolution

Thanks for inquiring about publishing your Notice of Action with the Advocate!

When you filed your Petition, the Clerk of the Court assigned a “return date” to your file. (See the “YOU ARE NOTIFIED” paragraph of your document). This is the date your spouse is given to respond to your petition.  That date allows us enough time to run your ad for 4 weeks. It also gives your spouse 30 days to file an answer. If you wait until your spouse has less than 30 days, you will have to refile your Petition.  So, don’t delay.

First, there are two ways for you to get us the information we need:

1) You can send us a picture of your Notice of Action (both pages, please). We will pull the information we need from that document and prepare all the paperwork.  This will cost you $160.

2) OR You can use this form and pay online through Paypal. This will cost you only $110 . Why? Because you prepare the forms and we don’t have to send out invoices.   We save time and money, so you save, too.  That’s win-win.

Second, once we receive your notice, we will show you how the ad looks with the information you provided. This will be your chance to make any necessary changes.   After everything looks good, YOU WILL NOT HEAR FROM US AGAIN UNTIL the 4 weeks are up.  This is how we keep our legal advertising rates so low.  Talking to you on the phone, emailing or texting you, sending you copies of the newspaper– these things will increase the cost of our service to as much as double the amount. After the 4th run, we will send you an Affidavit of Publication, signed by us, certifying that your ad ran for the required 4 weeks.

Third, our process is automatic.  You will not have to call.  You will receive the Affidavit on the last day your notice runs in your email inbox on or before 8:00 AM.  If for any reason you don’t have your Affidavit by 9AM, simply send us an email and we’ll fix the problem and get your Affidavit to you right away.

Whatever you decide, your account must be paid in full for an Affidavit of Publication to be sent.

Click here to publish your Notice of Action in Dissolution of Marriage in Orange County

Click here to publish your Notice of Action in Dissolution of Marriage in Osceola County

Click here to publish your Notice of Action in Dissolution of Marriage in Seminole County

Other Legal Notices

Our process is the same for every other legal notice.  Name Change,  Notice to Creditors, Modification of Custody or Support, etc.  Click the notice for pricing information.

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