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TGR: Mask Wearing is an African Tradition

THE GANTT REPORT, by Lucius Gantt      Before I begin this week’s column, I want to acknowledge the many Gantt Report readers that have contacted...

TGR COMMENTARY: Thoughts at Large

By Lucius Gantt THOUGHTS AT LARGE:      Keep an eye on what’s going on in Sarasota, Florida. A law suit filed in federal court in Tampa accuses...

TGR COMMENTARY: The Whore of Washington

By Lucius Gantt     There are foxes in the hen house and there are bears in the White House!      There is trouble in “Chocolate City”. ...

A Black Black Friday

By Lucius Gantt, The GANTT REPORT      For about half of my life I have lived alone. I was married for 23 years, I co-habitated...

TGR: The Invisible Plan

As a young man, I watched an intriguing television show called “The Invisible Man”. The star of the show could turn almost any object...

The Gantt Report: The Devil and the Babies

     I try to respect all religions. I don’t tell people when or what they should believe in or how they should worship.      However,...

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