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75% of Americans Support Unionizing Amazon Workers: Poll

The survey comes on the heels of the Amazon Labor Union's historic election victory at the JFK8 warehouse and ahead of next week's vote...

Civil Rights Groups Demand Justice for Unarmed Black Man Patrick Lyoya Killed by Michigan Cop

Attorney Benjamin Crump said the officer who shot Patrick Lyoya on April 4 must "not only be terminated for his excessive and fatal force,...

UN Chief: Russia’s War on Ukraine Risks ‘Meltdown of Global Food System’

A global food crisis may be imminent if Russia's war on Ukraine goes on. "We must do everything possible to avert a hurricane...

Father and Son Who Murdered Ahmaud Arbery Given Life in Prison Without Parole

"They have no remorse and do not deserve any leniency," Arbery's mother said of her son's killers. Three white men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery last year in...

Not One—But Two—Lawyers Who Argued Against Covid Safety Rules Before Supreme Court… Had Covid

"This irony illustrates a fundamental inequity that is so normalized it is essentially invisible: Powerful people can choose to work safely, while vulnerable workers...

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