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Senate Dems Blast Medicare Advantage Giants Over ‘Exorbitant’ CEO Pay

"It is outrageous that industry groups, on your behalf, are putting your plan's enormous profits over care for seniors," wrote Sens. Elizabeth Warren and...

South African Parliament Votes to Downgrade Embassy Over Israeli Crimes in Palestine

"As South Africans, we refuse to stand by while apartheid is being perpetrated again," the resolution's author asserted.  BRETT WILKINS, CommonDreams.org South African lawmakers voted Tuesday...

‘Class War’ Erupts at Hearing as Union Leader and GOP Senator Exchange Verbal Blows

"Don't let them distract you," said Teamsters president Sean O'Brien. "Unions create jobs, make work safer, and put more money in workers' pockets." KENNY STANCIL,...

Florida GOP Denounced for Passing Bill to ‘Intimidate’ Voters

Pro-democracy advocates said that S.B. 4B was approved because right-wing Gov. Ron DeSantis wants "to expand his prosecutorial authority over Floridians who are lawfully...

Students Vow to Sue DeSantis Over Rejection of AP African-American Studies Course

"DeSantis decided to deny the potentially life-changing class and effectively censor the freedom of our education and shield us from the truths of our...

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