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Albert Woodfox, Activist Wrongfully Imprisoned for 43 Years, Dies at 75

"The pebble that he threw in the pond became a ripple, became a wave. And so, this will carry him on into eternity," said...

Progressives See Midterm Hopes Rise on Kansas Voters’ Defense of Abortion Rights

"Voters in Kansas just struck a blow to the Republican anti-choice movement. Now millions of people are counting on us to keep this momentum...

OPINION: The Maasai Are Under Attack in the Name of Conservation: ‘This Is Our Land, and We Won’t Leave’

The government has been trying to seize 1500 km2 of their ancestral lands for years, wanting to use it for trophy hunting, elite tourism,...

‘Good Trouble’: 17 House Democrats Arrested Protesting Roe Reversal at Supreme Court

"Even though they arrested us, we won't stop our organizing, agitating, and legislating for justice," declared Rep. Cori Bush. JESSICA CORBETT, CommonDreams Several members of Congress were...

Democratic AGs Position Themselves as ‘Last Line of Defense’ If Roe Falls

by JESSICA CORBETT, Common Dreams Democratic state attorneys general and candidates are gearing up to play a key role in the fight for abortion rights in...

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