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Diagnosed With Diabetes? Exercise Can Help

As reported by the Louisiana Weekly in September, 2019, millions of Americans are diabetic, and not all of them are aware.  Nutrition is always...

The Grades Are In: Most Americans Score ‘F’ On Fat IQ Test

Boca Raton, FL — While 85 percent of Americans say they know how to eat right, more than half flunked a basic quiz on...

3 Tips For Fixing Your ‘Sugar Belly’ And Returning Wheat To Your Diet

Poor wheat. It seems the golden grain has lost much of its luster, thanks to the gluten-free movement (now a $16-billion-dollar-a-year industry) and a broad-brush...

Pepsi putting aspartame back into diet drinks

Bing reports that PepsiCo is putting aspartame back into some of its diet drinks, only a year after taking it out for health reasons. Back...

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