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Chauvin Is Guilty. Our Work Is Cut Out for Us.

By Ben Jealous  Just a few days have passed since Derek Chauvin’s conviction in the murder of George Floyd. But the images from that moment...

ASK RUSTY: Will taking 401K distributions affect my Social Security benefit?

Dear Rusty:  I’m 63 and retired from work, but not drawing Social Security. I have accumulated just over $300,000 in my rollover 401K IRA. My...

A Georgia State Rep was arrested for knocking on GA Governor Brian Kemp’s door

Georgia Rep. Park Cannon was with several other protesters when she knocked on Kemp’s office door, asking to be admitted while he signed a...

Workers Who Won’t Get Vaccinated? Leaders Can’t Let Them Disrupt Business

By Rod Robertson COVID-19 has kept most employees out of the office for a year. Vaccines, however, will make it safe to bring them back,...

Domestic Terrorist blames Trump for assault on Capital: ‘I was just following orders’

Garret Miller apologizes to Ocasio-Cortez for threatening her assassination Garret Miller, charged with invading the Capitol and threatening Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), said Monday that...

Advocate Staff