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Kevin Seraaj

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Oviedo native serves with U.S. Navy Patrol Squadron

MAYPORT, Fla. - Lt. j.g. Mickey Murga, a native of Oviedo, Florida, serves the U.S. Navy assigned to Patrol and Reconnaissance Squadron (VP) 26....

OP-ED: Yet Another Justice Makes a Mockery of the Supreme Court

The Appointments Clause of the Constitution does not specify qualifications for Supreme Court justices. So, presidents have routinely established their own criteria for...

Quinn Minute – Special abilities

     I’ve always been jealous of people who discover their talents early. by Rix Quinn      There was this kid in my middle school class named Karen. She...

Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill Arrested

Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill was arrested Thursday morning on charges of fraud and exploitation of the elderly/disabled. According to the Florida Department of Law...

Cori Bush Demands Repeal of ‘Zombie Statute’ Weaponized by Anti-Abortion Zealots

Rep. Cori Bush on Tuesday called for the repeal of a long-obsolete law that anti-abortion activists, lawmakers, and judges have worked to revive as part of...

Kevin Seraaj

1345 POSTS