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EDITORIAL: Toxic Leadership Rejected

When Trump won the presidency in 2016, millions of Democratic voters were devastated. But they accepted the results, because they believe in the...

Another Trump Campaign attempt to stop vote certification thrown out

Federal court judge calls the president's legal arguments “strained," "without merit and speculative", "unsupported by evidence." by Kevin Seraaj, Publisher, Orlando Advocate The results of the...

‘Don’t hold back!!!’ – Trump incites police as MAGA rally turns violent

by Kevin Seraaj, OrlandoAdvocate.com Thousands of Trump supporters descended on Washington DC Saturday to protest election results, with fights breaking out between them and Biden supporters. At...

The Republic Under Assault

For months now, soon-to-be-Former President Donald Trump has called into question the democratic process that lies at the heart of our representative democracy. ...

COMMENTARY: Typical Trump– ‘This is far from over’

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney told former president Donald Trump on Friday to put his 'big boy pants on' and accept election defeat. In...
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