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voting rights

Op-Ed: President Biden, You Must Do More to Protect Voting Rights

by Ben Jealous I was proud to work hard for the election of President Joe Biden. And I was proud to protest outside the Biden...

In Florida, the Gutting of a Landmark Law Leaves Few Felons Likely to Vote

State officials don’t know how many felons are registered or eligible to vote. So we did our own analysis and found only a very...

State of Black America® 2019 Unveiled Amid an Increased Push for Voting Rights, Protection from Foreign Interference

“This is not Russia. This is the United States of America. And I will fight until the death to make sure every citizen—whether they’re...

Civil Rights Leaders Urge Protection of Voting Rights and Counting Every Vote

WASHINGTON – Leaders from civil rights groups today discussed the importance of protecting voting rights for all following the midterm elections and ongoing ballot counting...

Rights Restoration is Still a Problem in Florida

Guest Commentary Jessica Chiappone, Florida Rights Restoration Advocate In 1988 I was arrested and subsequently convicted of conspiracy to possess cocaine in New York. Since my...

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