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Russell Gloor


Ask Rusty: How is my Social Security Benefit Calculated?

Dear Rusty: I appreciate your recent article dispelling the myth that politicians have stolen Social Security money. As a CPA, I dispel this myth repeatedly...

Ask Rusty – How Do Social Security Survivor Benefits Work?

Dear Rusty: Social Security is confusing in itself and gets even more confusing when you receive multiple answers to the same question from multiple sources....

Ask Rusty – Octogenarian Asks About Wife’s Spousal and Survivor Benefits

Dear Rusty: I am now 80 and my wife is 76, and we both took early Social Security benefits at age 62. When my wife...

Ask Rusty – Veteran Asks About Disability and Ex-Spouse Benefits

by Russell Gloor, AMAC Certified Social Security Advisor  Dear Rusty: I am a military veteran with a total & permanent disability. I was married for over ten...

Ask Rusty – About Applying for Social Security Benefits

By Russell Gloor, AMAC Certified Social Security Advisor   |   Dear Rusty: I will be turning 65 this December and will most likely continue working until July...

Russell Gloor